A “Dino-Sized” Reconstruction

Titanosaur sounds like a fictional beast from Jurassic Park, but rest assured, this 122 foot omnivore was a real type of sauropod dinosaur, scientifically named Patagotitan mayorum, that roamed the earth approximately 100 million years ago.

And now you, too, can see one of these colossal creatures in Chicago’s Field Museum, as a life-sized replica of the largest dinosaur to walk the earth was fully reconstructed. The display included only four real bones and the rest were made from heavy-weight cast, but when I say heavy-weight, I mean a 2,000 pound back bone.

His name is Maximo, by the way.

Watch above as a time lapse video shows just how much effort went into rebuilding this replica as the full exhibit sets to open to the public today, June 1st.