A Pizza Worth 1,000 Words

Every bride has that moment at their wedding where they’re looking around at all the smiling faces, beautiful decorations, and their handsome groom where they say to themselves “this is the best day of my life!” Then they take a bite of their pizza bouquet. That’s right, brides are now walking down the aisle with a pizza bouquet thanks to Villa Italian Kitchen. The restaurant chain held a contest up until June 15th that allowed couples to win a bridal bouquet and boutonniere hand crafted from their kitchen with all the doughy goodness of a pizza. Now you’ll look good, feel good, and have a good smell in your hands as you walk down the aisle.

The other staple tasty treat that ladies have included in their big day are donuts, meaning that food might be taking over the flower industry. Cosmopolitan had a point when they said “Flowers die, but food is forever.” Would you ever walk down the aisle with anything but flowers? It’s 2018, so maybe its time to try something new when planning your wedding day. Whether it’s pizza, donuts, or whatever food or item that brings you the most joy, see how you can incorporate it into your wedding when the time comes.