Attractive People Can Get Away With This

It has been said that attractive people have an advantage over, well, the less fortunate looking. While this has only been speculation, professionals say that there are times where good looking people can get away with certain things. Here are some examples that people on Reddit reported.

“Staring, if you are unattractive and you stare at someone: ‘what a creep.’ If you attractive and you stare at someone, ‘oh shoot he/she is looking at me. I must be looking good today. YES.’ ”

“Asking complete strangers to just do me a little favor with full expectation that they will comply even when the favor isn’t little whatsoever.”
“I heard there was a serial killer who got fan mail in jail because he was attractive…”

Needless to say, people who are attractive may have a little bit of an advantage. Watch the video above to see some more examples of the advantages they have!