Can You Get Through An Entire Meal Without Your Phone?

We’ve all been there…you’re enjoying your time with someone over a great meal, and they reach for their phone. That moment where you feel you’ve been put on the back burner because of Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever in the world it is they feel the need to do during a meal. So, we’ll ask you again. Can you get through an entire meal without your phone? If you can, that puts you in good company. 1/3 of Americans cannot make it through a meal without using their phone.

A recent study commission by Nutrisystem polled people about phone use. A terrifying 29% of Americans said their phone accompanies them during every single meal. Wow. And, that number is even higher for people between the ages of 18-35, hitting a whopping 35%.

But, perhaps it really isn’t the phone use that’s the worst. Watching TV while eating meals is an even more staggering statistic. 72% of people polled said they watch TV while they eat. And get this…majority of those who watch TV while they eat say they prefer the TV over talking with friends and family. Oh no…will we ever get ourselves away from these screens? Not even food can pull us away?