Australian Brewing Company Makes Space Beer

You read correct, 4 Pines Brewing company in Australia has created a beer and bottle designed to be able to drink in space.

4 Pines Brewing in collaboration with space-engineering firm, Saber Astronautics Australia created a beer bottle designed to be able to drink beer while in zero gravity.

The tricky thing is that space is an environment not suited to drink liquids and having the consistent taste in liquid as you would on Earth. With creating the beer there needs to be control over the amount of bubbles produced to create the proper flavor, while maintaining comfort with the level of bubbles.

Normally drinking beer the gas comes out while the liquid stays down, but in space is that both the gas and liquid comes out while the gas and liquid stays down in the container.

They created the perfect beer for space and now needed a bottle that will provide enough pressure to fight the gravity, being able to drink it like a normal beer in a similar bottle form in space.

There is limited studies on how alcohol will effect someone while in space and through zero-g flight simulations found that the beer is safe. They also hope as the space tourism with zero-g simulation grows that they can add this beverage to the experience.

The bottle is for the ‘Vostok Space Beer,’ named after the vehicle cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin rode into orbit in April 1961. They are in the funding round for the bottles on Indiegogo with the hopes of raising $1 million.

Would you go to space to test this award-winning brew? They have a contest on their website for all expenses paid ZERO-G Parabolic Flight experience to be a development team member for space beer.