Entenmann’s New Chief Donut Officer


Being a Chief Executive Officer or CEO may be a daunting career choice, at Entenmann’s they just created a Chief Donut Officer or CDO position.

Entenmann’s created a contest to celebrate the upcoming National Donut Day 2018. The contest winner will be declared Chief Donut Officer, winning a year’s supply of donuts, cash prize of $5,000 and branded gear by Entenmann’s.

Applicants will enter by showing their love and passion for donuts, with the deadline on June 30th. They will answer questions on why the love donuts and how they would make the Entenmann’s donut better.

Five finalists will be selected based on their originality and passion for donuts. The other four finalists will receive $1,000 and a one year supply of donuts.

The company will choose the five finalists, while the winner will be voted for by donut fans. The winner will be announced on August 7th.

Do you have any original donut flavors you would like to see on shelves, enter to have a say in the next choice for a new donut flavor.