Rolls Royce First SUV


The luxury car brand Rolls Royce unveils the new SUV style car called the Cullinan.

The name Cullinan is the name of the biggest diamond ever discovered making the perfect name for the biggest luxury car offered by Rolls Royce. The beauty of the design leaves no compromise on durability through various driving conditions.

This Rolls Royce is the only one that can rolls through above two feet of water and snow, also having excellent traction in sand dune trials. This new SUV can plow through 21 inches of water and can handle cross shifting through desert sands.

The SUV offers the branded “magic carpet” ride quality with all-wheel-drive and self-leveling air suspension. When losing traction, it can automatically push down on a wheel to regain control and all-wheel steering helps to glide through tight areas.

The truck features an optional glass partition between the backseat and cargo area, to add a touch of class to the design. There are folding backseats as per usual.

Another luxury feature is a refrigerator, chill box for champagne and a whisky decanter. It comes with champagne flutes and cocktail highball glasses.

This SUV is also the most stylish way to tailgate, with options for “activity modules” such as sliding, folding seats to sit off the back of the trunk. With a motorized drawer there are custom fit modules for different activities, helping maintain gear.

The luxury car industry is seeing a boom in interest for luxury SUVs with Bentley and Lamborghini offering an SUV option, with Ferrari is in the development phases.

Rolls Royce expects that the Cullinan will be available to customers by then end of this year to a fine tune of $325,000.