Doctor Strange Saves Bicyclist From Mugging


A biker in London was being mugged and an unlikely hero came to his aid, actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actor who plays the super hero Doctor Strange, was reported to have helped a bicyclist who was being mugged. Cumberbatch was taking an Uber and he forced the driver to stop so he could help the bicyclist.

Uber driver, Manuel Dias, reports the story of driving Cumberbatch with his wife and he didn’t know until later that his passenger was Cumberbatch. Dias says that Cumberbatch saw the biker get punched in the face by the assailants, at which Cumberbatch demanded to stop the car and yelled to leave the biker alone.

The attackers smashed a bottle over the victims head before Cumberbatch intervene. The victim was a biker for the Deliveroo delivery service and the company released a statement saying that safety is a top priority.

Cumberbatch then pulled the muggers off the victim, with one trying to punch him in the face but fended them off before they fled. Dias claims that one the attackers tried to harm his passenger, he offered assistance. Dias says that once he saw Cumberbatch out of the car is when he realized who it was, also saying that he believed the attackers recognized Cumberbatch when they fled.

A coincidence of the incident is that it took place blocks away from a statue of Sherlock Holmes, the character he plays on the acclaimed show Sherlock. Check out the video above for more about the heroic efforts near Baker Street.

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