Family Game Night Becomes Creative Pregnancy Announcement

Who doesn’t love an unexpected surprise? Well this soon-to-be grandma got the surprise of her life during a normal board game night. We all know that fun game we used to play at camp where we had to stick characters to our heads on post-it notes and go around asking questions to figure out our new identity. This idea later became a board game called Hedbanz, and a creative pregnant couple used that concept to their advantage. By intentionally sticking the word “grandmother” on the unknowing grandma’s head, she was forced to continue to ask questions until she asked, “am I a grandmother?”

Of course, the whole family cheered that she got it right, but it was not until they asked her to say it out loud again that she got the hint. Not only was she a “grandmother” in the game, but she was going to become an actual grandmother come this November. Of course, everyone burst out in excitement, and we here at DailyMulligan can’t help but applaud that couple’s creativity, so we included a playlist of more cute and creative ways couples have announced their pregnancy to brighten everyone’s mood up.