Fancy A Purple Drink? McDonald’s And Starbucks Launched Purple Sweet Potato Drinks

Asia certainly offers some of the most creative menus in the world. For those who love sweets and potatoes, both McDonald’s and Starbucks have rolled out sweet potato milkshakes and lattes, respectively.

McDonald’s has come out with a purple sweet potato milkshake. The drink is created using an autumn seasonal food that’s widely loved across Japan: murasaki imo or purple potato. This Japanese sweet potato is naturally purple, and it has taken over McDonald Japan’s autumn special ‘Murasaki Imo McShake’.

Those curious to experience its taste and just so happen to be in Japan can get their hands on a cup, but the drink will only be available for a limited and unspecified time.

But the fast food company is not the only place to serve up some delightful purple concoctions. While the infamous Pumpkin Spice flavor has become synonymous with autumn, this purple beverage might just be a new contender for the crown.

A new drink called the Violet Roasted Sweet Potato Latte was added to Starbucks menus in South Korea not long ago and is a non-caffeinated drink blend of purple sweet potato and milk, which can be ordered in both hot and cold iterations. The drink is made complete with whipped cream and a purple dusting that also appears to be sweet potato-flavored.

The Violet Roasted Sweet Potato Latte is currently only available in Starbucks stores in South Korea.

By: Maytinee Kramer

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