Five Quick Tips For Rescuing Baby Wildlife

Whether you live in the woods, the city, or just have a big backyard, there is wildlife everywhere. With that comes the chance of wildlife being injured. It is important to know when and how you should rescue baby wildlife. Here are some tips to follow.

No matter what, if it is foaming at the mouth, make sure to steer clear.
Make sure that the animal actually needs help! If it is laying down, don’t pick it up and bring it into your home. It may just be resting.
Contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center before trying to approach or handle the animal.
If you do need to pick the animal up, make sure your hands, arms, legs and feet are covered for protection.
Prepare a ventilation box in case you have to keep it in your home or transport it somewhere else.
If the animal needs help, transport it to the nearest rehabilitation center.

With these tips you could be an animals hero!