Foods To Avoid Buying At An Airport

One of the worst things about airport travel is figuring out what you’re going to eat…airport food is just the worst. Of course, you usually have options of larger chain restaurants, but if you’re close to flight time, you don’t have time to do the whole sit-down thing. Which means you need a game plan, and we are here to help you with that. After all, airports are not known for their culinary prowess.

Here’s what NOT to eat at an airport:
1. Fresh produce, rare meat and salads: Who knows whose hands have been on that fruit, and where it has been! If you want fresh produce, maybe bring some from home. And definitely don’t gamble with meat quality at an airport. You probably won’t get the most well-cooked meat.
2. Food that’s just “sitting there”: Exactly how long has that been on display? It’s also probably dried out. I don’t know about you, but I’m not paying $15 for a dried out turkey sandwich.
3. Plane food: As Anthony Bourdain has said, skip the overpriced and slightly tasteless food on airplanes.

Basically, what you need to remember is to keep it simple. If you didn’t plan ahead and pack some food (which is always a good choice for saving money and guaranteeing quality), order foods that are hard to mess up. Eggs and French fries are great options and very hard for the chef to cook wrong.

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