Germ-Infested Things In Your Home

Most people pride themselves on the cleanliness of their homes and consider it a ‘clean’ place. That being said, your house is a little more germy than you think it is. Here are the most germ-infested places in your home.

The kitchen sink. Next time you are thinking about letting those dirty dishes sit in the sink, wash them. The sink is the perfect place for for a bacteria to grow. So grab some Lysol and wipe your sink down daily to avoid some nasty bacteria.

Pet bowls. Many people don’t think to clean their dog bowls often because usually your furry friend licks the bowl clean. Don’t be fooled though. Some gross stuff is growing in that bowl and could potentially make your animal sick.

The toilet bowl. Well this one is a given. To avoid the spread of, well you know, close the toilet lid before you flush. This way germs are kept in the bowl instead of spraying around the room (gross).

The TV remote. Most people touch the TV remote on a day-to-day basis. They are smothered in germs and viruses so make sure you are wiping them down daily.

The coffee maker. This one may have caught you by surprise. The dark and wet residue it leaves behind makes the ideal feeding ground for bacteria and germs. Properly clean your coffee pot after every use to ensure your next cup of joe isn’t germ infested.

Your purse. That bag that you carry around everyday is set down in some pretty gnarly places. Make sure when you get home you aren’t placing it on your bed.

Kitchen sponge. Sponges literally absorb millions of germs after every use. Try microwaving your sponge for around two minutes to get rid of decontaminate it.

Your cutting board. Throw away your plastic cutting boards and opt for wood ones. Using a plastic cutting board increases your chance of contracting salmonellosis.

So next time you’re doing a deep clean, make sure you do an extra scrub on these items.

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