HBO Developing Asian American Comedy Series

Described as a dark comedy about the eccentric Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown, HBO has teamed up with Jason Kim and Greta Lee to up its onscreen representation of Asian Americans with a comedy called “KTown.”

Jason Kim is a producer on HBO’s “Barry” who has also worked on “Girls” and Netflix’s “Love,” and actress and writer Lee, is most notable for her work on “Chance,” and “Inside Amy Schumer.”

The two will write and executive produce “KTown,” and Lee will star as Yumi, a self-proclaimed “Brentwood Barbie” and daughter of the Kang family, who reconnects with her Korean roots to become a powerful Korean-American woman.

Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle, Ali Krug and Susan Goldberg are also on board to serve as executive producers for Annapurna TV.

“Ktown” will be the first HBO show centered on Asian-Americans and will be one of just a handful across all of TV — ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” is the most prominent show as of late. The development of the new HBO show also comes on the heels of “Crazy Rich Asians’” huge success at the box office over the summer.

Should “Ktown” find success, it will be one of many works that will help diversify Hollywood and give Asian Americans a platform to take the spotlight in future Hollywood works.