High Fashion Duds For Your Dogs Let Them Dress Fancier Than You!

If you have been wanting high fashion for your dog, you are in luck! A fashion designer in Milan has created stunning designs for you and your canine. High fashion should not just be for people – it can also be for your pet now, too. Most of us only dress our pets up on special occasions, such as Halloween. However, those in the 1% can now by high-fashion for their beloved pooches.

Giovanna, a designer for Milano Dog – à – Porter, is the designer behind this new high fashion line. Your dog can have the same great trench as you! If you prefer your dog wear a turtleneck sweater, for lounging around at home, they have that too! For a more minimalist look, when you don’t want your pooch to wear a full ensemble, no problem! You can get a scarf for your dog that matches your pants! It looks like dressing up your fur baby is almost like dressing up your real baby.