Introducing The Ultimate Carnival Ice Cream

As an adult when you look back on your childhood one of the fondest memories has to be going to the carnival and experiencing the pure joy!

So if you can’t wait until the next carnival to come around, then you have to check out The OddFellows Ice Cream Carnival Shop. They literally have the best carnival ice cream flavors! The three featured flavors are what you have to check out ASAP! The first is The Concessions which consists of caramel popcorn soft serve injected with caramel and topped with salted caramel popcorn and chocolate pearls. The second is The Cotton Candy Creamsicle which consists of vanilla and tangerine soft serve wrapped in cotton candy. And last but not least The Pink Dip which consists of raspberry sherbert soft serve dipped in pink white chocolate topped with Pop Rocks, dried raspberries, and gold dust!