Make Your Dreams Come To Life (And Take A Selfie With Them)

Have you ever wanted to live out that recurring dream where you’re floating on a cloud with no worries? Or maybe you just need an escape from the pains of the real world? This pop-up exhibit in Brooklyn, New York, called “The Dream Machine” is a 45 minute experience into the realm of the unknown. The exhibit opened in April of 2018, and was an attempt at recreating some classic, dream like sequences we all seem to subconsciously have. The walls are bathed in neon lights, the atmosphere is open and inviting, and the creators encourage you to come with your cameras in order to get the perfect Instagram picture!

The exhibit closes July 29th, but is looking to travel across the U.S. to bring the experience to other cities. It’ll be a great summer getaway, and hopefully all of us will get to live out our wildest fantasies when “The Dream Machine” visits our state.