New Gear for the NYC Office!! (+ How I Organize Footage)

New office gear & how I make YouTube videos!
Synology NAS (network attached storage):

Synology NAS System:
WD Hard Drives:
Lacie Hard Drives (orange ones):
Podcasting Mic + Preamp:
Desk mic stand:
TV Wall Mount:
This video was shot on:
& this lens:
Moleskin notebooks:
To Do Website:

NGL Music –
Greg West –
Joey Burbs –


Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. New videos on my channel every week! I upload vlogs, tech reviews, how-to / behind the scenes travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

For more about me watch my “Film My Life” video –

💼 Business Inquires
Me: [email protected]
& Management: [email protected]

🍑 Peachy Fam & Music Submissions for videos (please be considerate of my inbox 😊 )
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