Not Today Demons, Life Of An Exorcist


Feeling the need to exercise demons, see what life is like for an exorcist. From 0 to 300 CE exorcism was thought to be a power anyone can possess, regardless of religious affiliation.

The Christian beliefs of exorcism says that Jesus’s followers would combat demons through exorcism in his name. In 250 CE the clergy started to take on roles of exorcists, that created a select group to be exorcists.

Shea Bile works under the title of occultist/exorcist, after learning about the super natural realm as a child he has been interested ever since. His mother was a medium and inspired him to his life calling of being an exorcist.

Bile’s outlook on spirituality focuses on the adversarial aspects that are considered as rebellious. He explains that an exorcism as “an expulsion of an unwanted presence, force, or frame of mind.

He believes that a force is summoned when he calls upon an entity, calling the spirits out to manifest before you and confronting the force directly. Bile also reinforces that an exorcism cannot save people, but only willing people can save themselves.

Bile feels that his service provides people with the tools for ridding unwanted entities from their lives. He is not the only exorcist in the game with others who take a more traditional path, such as Carlos Oliveira.

Oliveira is also known as Brother Carlos and is practices more traditional means of exorcism connected to the Catholic church. He claims that he is the craziest exorcist and he enters situations most won’t dare.

His first encounter a believed demon possession was in 1989 when a woman started punching him during a seminar in church. Oliveira called his friends to perform an exorcism on the woman that proved to be successful in healing the woman of her violent fits.

Exorcists find their inspiration for their work through religion or spirituality, with many thinking exorcisms are a hoax when some people find genuine help. check out the video above for more on the practice of exorcism.