Put Your Face On Anything Now

Customized gifts are an upcoming trend, but now offers anything your heart desires with your face plastered on it. Here are the people that can help put your face on anything from cookie cutters to luggage.

An Etsy crafter from Poland, Cookillu, offers custom designed cookie cutters starting around $25. They also offer the option of items with your pet’s face including custom stickers, stamps and mugs.

Another seller on Etsy, lilimandrill, based out of France offers custom temporary tattoos. Their custom tattoo can also include text along with an image. Orders for custom temporary tattoos start at $70 while also offering

Spoiled Kitten Designs on Etsy offer custom-shaped cookie cutters as well starting at $20 and is based out of Pennsylvania. They also offer unique-shaped cookie cutters for occasions and holidays. Some unique designs include Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Shakespeare, and Mona Lisa.

Firebox offers custom image luggage starting at $26 for a small size and is $40 for the large option. The website Firebox offers a variety of custom image items including a custom image cushions, face masks, and air fresheners.

The air fresheners also offer a variety in choice of fragrance including bacon, coffee, and island breeze. Not to mention they also sell non-custom items for unique gifts and alcohol beverage options.

These options can also be great gift options or wedding favors. Check out the video above to see all the awesome things that are calling for your face to be plastered on.