Sharks Are Invading Your Flights And Cruises

Is it a live version of Sharknado? Probably not. But is it just as cool? Heck yeah!

Southwest Airlines is releasing five new, specially logo’d planes that each feature a different breed of shark in honor of Discovery Channel’s 30th anniversary of the super popular “Shark Week.” Beginning Sunday, July 22nd, and lasting for 8 days, this annual celebration is taking to the skies when these 5 Boeing 737’s go live, and you can even track where they are using Southwest’s website in order to try and snag yourself a ride.

The five featured breeds include a Great White, Mako, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, and Bull Shark, but planes aren’t the only hunks of metal representing Discovery Channel’s most popular week. You can even get a cruise line that is “Shark Week” themed. Princess Cruises is upping the ante this year with a cruise package dedicated to the event, including pre-screenings of this year’s specials, decor that’s sure to satisfy any shark fan, and even flavored drinks based on the beasts of the seas.

Catch these boats docking in and out of port from June to September, or take a flight with a great white aboard Southwest. Just, don’t get bitten.