These Inappropriate Candy Heart Messages Are What V-Day Is All About

If you’re sick of seeing all the mushy and gushy Valentine’s Day posts, then this video is definitely for you. These computer-generated candy heart messages are hilarious and much better than “Be Mine.”

A learning algorithm tried to produce heartfelt Valentine’s Day messages, but of course took quite a different turn. Let’s just say, if you’re significant other is serious about February 14th, you probably don’t want to send them any of these. They are not what you could consider appropriate, and for that we are thankful.

A woman named Janelle Shane gave some neutral love messages to a neural generator to see what would transpire, and what happened was these purely hilarious candy heart messages. This computer system, mind you, is intended to mimic the human brain. Of course, some of the random messages did have V-Day implications, but others were just too good to be true. Enjoy some of these wonderful candy heart messages!