To Appease Her Parents, This Student Married Herself

Lulu Jemimah, a 32-year-old student at Oxford University, is single. She has no particular problem with this, mostly because she’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing and doesn’t really have time for a relationship. Her parents don’t see it this way, repeatedly hounding her with lectures about the importance of marriage. So, to get her parents off her back, Lulu decided it was time to get married. To herself.

With the aid of several friends, Lulu staged a mock wedding, complete with invites and a dress. At the “ceremony,” she gave a speech about how she is dedicated to her studies and becoming an academic, and that she is “married” to her own progress and happiness. Obviously, this ceremony isn’t legally binding since you can’t marry yourself, but Lulu managed to get her message across to her parents regardless.