Why Trump Is Always (Always!) The Victim

Go Special Correspondent Keith Olberman gives us the latest, and somehow always shocking, view on how President Donald Trump always manages to play the victim (and infuriate and entire country in the process).

During this 5:30 minute rant, Olberman refers to Trump as the, “human double standard,” for his dysfunctional ability to make his actions seem justifiable while criticizing others for doing the same. He cites many incidents where Trump proves this double standard, including the time Trump referred to former President Barack Obama as racist.

Antoher hot button issue Olberman highlights refers to Trump’s, “violent fantasies,” like his desire to hit a golf ball off of Hilary Clinton’s back to cause her to collapse. Pretty wild stuff, huh?

After referencing plenty of examples to back his statements, Olberman says that’s not even the main issue at hand in, “Trump’s America.”

“If something is done to Trump, he has been wronged,” Olberman says. “He is a victim. He is under attack. But if the same exact thing is done by Trump [or by extension]…you are overreacting. “