You Won’t Believe Jeremy Renner’s First Job!

On this episode of OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose production with Jamie Foxx, Mr. Bourne was interviewed. Most screen actors and or actresses start their careers with something like theatre or maybe even a small commercial gig. But two time Oscar nominee, Jeremy Renner, took a different approach to starting his extremely successful acting career. He was a makeup artist! That’s right. Could you imagine going to a makeup counter and seeing Jeremy Renner as the person doing your makeup for prom?

He learned to do his own makeup through the theatre and actually really liked it. There was then a job opening at the Lancome counter and he went for it. While he was there, he did two young women’s makeup. Throughout the process he made casual conversation with them and tried to make them feel special. After they left, they came back with a man who gave Renner his business card and told him to come see him in his office. On it, it said he was the CEO of Playboy!

This modest and humble approach to life is one of the many reasons we are in love with Jeremy Renner. Check out the video above for more about Jeremy Renner’s life and career!