Did This Stork Just Spend $2,700?

*Ring Ring*


“Caw caw, yes, I am a stork, and I am here to deliver you babies.”

Okay, so the story probably didn’t go like that, but somehow a stork racked up a $2,700 cellular bill on a sim card… and we’re still kinda confused on the details.

Kajtek, a stork who was being GPS tracked to plot stork migration patterns from Grupa EkoLogiczna (it’s Polish, I can’t pronounce it either) suddenly flew off the grid… literally.

The GPS stopped working, the stork was nowhere to be found and then all of a sudden… WHAM! The sim card had racked up an unusual amount of data usage every since its device stopped working.

While I’m sure the stork didn’t find a cell phone and randomly start making calls (although that viral video would get us SOOOOO many hits) we’re pretty sure someone found the bird, stole the sim card out of its tracking device and decided to impart it into their own phone. Still, I don’t even know how a human being could use $2,700 worth of data usage, but they must have been really desperate for some mobile phone usage.

In celebration of Kajtek’s ridiculous cell phone bill, DailyMulligan has included a playlist of other dumb things storks do… because why not?