Make This Buffalo Chicken Kale Salad Next Time You Need A Fun New Dinner Recipe


This recipe is a delicious homage to buffalo chicken, with a kale salad twist. While this may not be the lowest calorie salad, it’s full of fiber and has rich, bold flavors. Try it out next time you’re looking to make something different and exciting for dinner, or getting together with a group of friends or family.

Everyone likes buffalo wings while watching a major sporting events, why not mix it up with a salad? People will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of flavor that comes packed in dish. Bring this along to your next family gathering during the upcoming holidays, because this salad has something everyone can enjoy.

Celery is a must with buffalo chicken, and this quick pickled version will still give you those tangy sharp flavors to compliment the spicy buffalo and creamy blue cheese with a satisfying crunch. The sautéed tomatoes are an incredibly simple addition to the recipe that really give the whole salad more depth. 

Cherry tomatoes are perfect because they are bite-sized, easy to get on a fork, and yummy. A good salad always has a nice mix of colors, so the red tomatoes round out the palette nicely. The toasted walnuts are also something that enriches the other ingredients.

And not all poultry is on the level of shredded buffalo chicken. Buttery, spicy, and caramelized flavors mingle and permeate the meat, which is deliciously juicy and tender with this recipe.

And of course, Blue cheese is a must have with anything related to buffalo sauce. Kale is the conduit that brings this salad to life.

It has the perfect texture to compliment the saucy ingredients, and also elevates the whole recipe to something altogether more elegant. Its bound to be a hit with whomever you share it, and will score you some major credit as the one who turned up the salad game a notch or two.

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