The Things People In Their 30’s Are Done Hearing

Turning 30 is a very surreal and humbling moment. You’re no longer a “youngin” and are now approaching middle-aged life, and fast. Of course, you’ve gained some more maturity and have probably gotten closer to your career and life goals. But, if you are in your 30s (or dirty thirties as the kids call it these days) then you’ve probably heard some of these sayings before. If you’re like us, you’re just sick of hearing them.

“30 is the new 20.” It never has been, nor will it ever be.

“You’re too young to understand.” You feel like you’re old now, yet people won’t stop treating you like a child.

“I was married when I was your age.” Don’t let others pressure you into making big decisions that will lead to big mistakes. Get what you want out of life, regardless of your age.

“You’re dressing too young.” Wait…I thought I could dress ‘young’ since I was too young to understand?

“Why don’t you grow up?” This one never gets old, no matter the age.

“Let me set you up with someone.” That’s usually a hard pass, again, no matter the age.

“Just wait until you’re 40.” No, I’m fine with being 30 for now, but thanks anyway!