Common Myths About Type 2 Diabetes

One of the most important things you could ever do for yourself is to keep your body healthy! Many people made a resolution January 1st to be a better version of themselves physically and mentally. So, to start it’s important to go to the doctor each year for an annual checkup. Many diseases or illnesses go undetected, simply because people don’t visit a doctor regularly. Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than ever, and it’s important to check with your doctor if you are at risk. There are also a lot of myths floating around about type 2 diabetes that are just as important to know!

1. “You would know if you had type 2 diabetes.”
How exactly would you know?
2. “Only people who’re overweight or obese have type 2 diabetes”
Not accurate.
3. “Type 2 diabetes is only present in adults.”
You can be diagnosed at any age, even during childhood.
4. “Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.”
It occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin.
5. “People with type 2 diabetes cannot have sugar.”
You just have to eat it within moderation, leading to a healthy diet.
6. “Everyone with type 2 diabetes needs to take insulin to stay healthy.”
There are oral medications that you can take, and some people can actually help with just diet and exercise.
7. “Type 1 is more common than type 2.”
Type 2 diabests is the most common, 90-90% of all diabetes cases.
8. “If you’ve been diagnosed to pre-diabetes, it will progress to type 2 diabetes.”
1/3 Americans has pre-diabetes which means blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but with help, you can make the necessary lifestyle changes.
9. “You’re only at risk if it runs in your family.”
It does increase if you have a parent or sibling who has type 2 diabetes, but you can still get it without history in the family.
10. “Type 2 diabetes isn’t that serious of an illness.”
It puts you at risk of heart disease and stroke, and also the leading cause of kidney failure.

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