The Snapchat World Is Not Pleased With The New Update

Are you one of the many who are furious with the new Snapchat update? Well, if that’s the case, you are not alone. Users of the app have been very vocal about the latest and newest update, which featured the most grandiose redesign the app has ever had, since its launch in 2011. The update entailed a layout change that put stories and friends on one page, and ‘discover content’ on another page. The changes have been causing backlash with users saying its just plain confusing and hard to use, i.e. why even make those changes when everyone liked the way it was?

People have gone as far as to create fake Tweets from Snapchat saying it would change the layout back with enough retweets, and someone even started a petition to have the newest features removed. This petition has 700,000 signatures already! Snapchat seems to be in hot water, but based on a statement the company released saying they’re confident people will adjust to the new update, it doesn’t seem like they are concerned with the uproar.